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Message to Community - Five Conversations You Need to Have in 2021

By Seth Dobrin posted Thu February 11, 2021 04:16 PM


To Our Community,

As we begin a new (and hopefully better!) year, I wanted to share with you our thoughts for a better, more inclusive, more usable IBM Community for all our members.

One of the biggest ways we are doing that is to make sure that the Community continues to be closely aligned with IBM's products and strategies so that you can find the information, discussions, webinars, events, and content you need as quickly and easily as possible. The five areas we are focusing on in 2021 are:

Enabling you to better predict and shape future outcomes and automate decisions and processes. The groups and resources in our Hybrid Data Management, Cloud Pak for Data, Data Ops, Data Science, Business Analytics, and Watson Apps communities offer you points to tools and information that will help you to leverage the value of our tools and services and scale the value of your data and accelerate the journey to AI.
Facilitating your move to a digital-first strategy by providing as many ways to automate tools and processes as possible. The groups and resources in our Supply Chain, Business Automation, and Internet of Things communities offer you access to a number of way to help you and your company re-engineer, automate and infuse intelligence into your end-to-end processes.
Providing you with the information you need to create a security strategy for your organization and your customer demands. You need ways to align your security strategy to your business; integrate solutions that protect your digital users, assets, and data; and deploy technology to manage your defenses against growing threats. The groups and resources in our Security community offers information on our solutions about managing risks and detecting threats with AI, and market-leading SIEM and SOAR solutions help you respond to those threats.
Helping you to build and modernize your applications around RedHat OpenShift for the growing digital apps and services hybrid cloud environment. The groups and resources in our Middleware community will help you extend the value of existing apps, accelerate development of cloud-native apps, deploy and manage apps across hybrid environments, and help you to improve your teams skill so you can innovate at scale.
Recognizing that you are optimizing around cloud technology, and helping our Community members so that you can use our resources (especially RedHat) to make it easier to best adapt your hybrid multi-cloud environments. We have groups and resources in the Public Cloud communities specifically focused to ensure you and your organization can become as lean, agile, and resilient as possible.

I hope this brief overview of where we're going has been helpful. Check back for future blog posts where I'll discuss such topics as how IBM can help you build a trust-worthy AI to help enable NLP for business and automation of AI.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

Seth Dobrin
IBM Chief AI Officer
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Sun February 21, 2021 03:36 AM

Thanks @Seth Dobrin for sharing​ the 5 areas of interest! I totally agree with you with this. Better prediction, automation, security, app modernization and multi-cloud environments optimization will be the key points to improve this year. We're working on all of them at Banking environments to be innovative and useful to increase our customers' businesses.