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Watsonx Day: A Look at the Future of AI

By Marius Ciortea posted Wed June 07, 2023 09:42 AM


On June 21, 2023, IBM will host watsonx Day, a virtual event that brings together experts, end-users, and ecosystem partners to share insights and technical experience with next-generation AI. The event will explore watsonx, IBM's platform for scaling and accelerating the impact of AI with trusted data.

As we discussed on our community call with Tarun Chopra watsonx platform is built on three pillars:,, and watsonx.governance. is a suite of AI services that can be used to train, tune, and deploy AI across your business. scales AI workloads for all your data, while watsonx.governance enables responsible, transparent AI workflows.

During the event, speakers from IBM and its partners will share use cases for watsonx. For example, IBM's financial services industry unit will show how watsonx is used to help financial institutions detect fraud and prevent cyberattacks. IBM's healthcare industry unit will show how watsonx is used to help healthcare providers diagnose diseases and improve patient care.

In addition to showcasing watsonx use cases, the event will also feature presentations on the latest trends in AI. Speakers will discuss topics such as the rise of large language models, the importance of data privacy and security, and the need for responsible AI development.

Watsonx Day is a valuable opportunity for TechXchange Community members to learn more about the future of AI and how watsonx can help businesses and organizations of all sizes adopt and benefit from AI.

Here is my insight into key points you will learn more about during the event:

  • AI is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses and organizations of all sizes.
  • Watsonx is a robust platform that can help businesses and organizations scale and accelerate AI's impact.
  • The use of AI is proliferating across a wide range of industries.
  • Several challenges must be addressed to ensure the responsible development and use of AI.

Speaker Snapshot:

  • Kareem Yusuf, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Management and Growth, IBM Software 
  • Julien Simon, Chief Evangelist, Hugging Face 
  • Sherard Griffin, Senior Director of Engineering, OpenShift AI Red Hat  
  • Sriram Raghavan, Vice President, IBM Research AI 
  • Kyle Brown, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research AI  
  • Laura Chiticariu, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, Natural Language Processing (NLP) 
  • Bill Higgins, Distinguished Engineer, Open Innovation Community, Watson Core Research 
  • Adriana Valido, Architect, Cognitive Tooling, Transformation and Operations 
  • Armand Ruiz, Principal Architect, IBM Research AI 

If you want to learn more about watsonx day, visit the community event website.

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Looking forward to seeing you at watsonx Day!

Marius Ciortea, IBM TechXchange Community Leader

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Registered! This should be really interesting.