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Join us for the IBM Community Call

By Marius Ciortea posted 16 days ago


Have you ever wanted to be part of IBM leaders’ conversations?

To make that happen, I am very pleased to announce a new Community program: The IBM Community Call series. This live, 30-minute monthly series will host a succession of IBM leaders and influencers, providing you with information about Community programs, events, IBM product information, and an opportunity for you to begin a conversation with us, and provide first-hand feedback.

Our first streamcast is scheduled for 17 January 2023, hosted on the IBM Community home page. The conversation for the event will include:

  • Introduction: Marius Ciortea, Chief Community Officer
  • Overview of the Technical Community program: Kelly Jessop, Vice President, IBM Technical Community Program
  • Details of the Technical Community program: Marius Ciortea
  • Upcoming events announcement: Kelly Jessop
  • Member Q&A: Led by Community Leader Sarah Cogley

Check back here for updates on the agenda for upcoming Community Call streamcasts. Want your topics to be part of the discussion? Leave a comment below!


 Kelly Jessop: Vice President, IBM Technical Community Program 
 Marius Ciortea: Chief Community Officer
 Sarah-Jane Cogley: Community Leader


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8 days ago

the opportunities offered by the community make us want to be always present to benefit more from creations & innovations. THEN FORWARD FOREVER