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Delivering AI-as-a-service powered by VMware Cloud Foundation with IBM watsonx platform

By Manmadkar Girish posted Thu February 15, 2024 03:01 PM


In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the potential of generative AI has captured the attention of organizations worldwide. From code generation to IT operations automation, its applications are diverse and impactful. Recognizing the centrality of data in all AI use cases, enterprises are seeking a solution that not only harnesses the power of AI but also addresses concerns about privacy, compliance, and performance.

The VMware Private AI™ is a groundbreaking architectural approach that stands at the intersection of business gains and organizational needs. Focused on platform and infrastructure architecture, VMware Private AI is designed to provide seamless AI support in public clouds, dedicated private clouds running on-prem in your customer’s data centers, and edge sites.

Collaborating with IBM, VMware has crafted a validated reference architecture for Private AI, creating a secure and compliant environment for training and fine-tuning ML models. This collaboration is particularly crucial in scenarios where regulatory restrictions or the sheer size of data prohibit its transfer between locations, such as in the case of banks or financial institutions, or even Sovereign Clouds architectures to adhere to the local accomplices.

The integration of generative AI technologies with VMware Cloud Foundation empowers enterprises with the freedom to choose when, where, and how to deploy custom AI capabilities. This not only facilitates swift enterprise-wide implementation but also ensures full control and compliance over sensitive data. The unified stack incorporating VMware’s software offerings further enhances the environment, seamlessly integrating with the data and AI capabilities inherent in the IBM watsonx platform. The flexibility offered by VMware Private AI with IBM extends across all levels of business, regardless of where mission-critical operations reside. Leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation and Red Hat OpenShift, enterprises can access the IBM watsonx stack in on-premises or private cloud environments, and even hybrid cloud configurations with SaaS offerings on IBM Cloud, powered by IBM Cloud Satellite.

This joint solution is not just about accessing IBM watsonx; it’s about empowering enterprises with a comprehensive solution. By utilizing watsonx AI capabilities, IBM watsonx data for data management, and IBM watsonx Gov for Governance, businesses can ensure responsible, transparent, and explainable AI models across diverse environments.

Hybrid Cloud Ready

In conclusion, the collaboration between VMware by Broadcom and IBM marks a significant leap forward in the AI capabilities into on-premises and private cloud environments. This joint effort addresses the multifaceted concerns of enterprises, providing a flexible, secure, and innovative solution that not only meets today’s AI demands but paves the way for the future of responsible AI integration in businesses worldwide.

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