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Nominations are now open for IBM Champions until 27 November 2023

By Libby Ingrassia posted Thu October 05, 2023 01:25 AM

IBM Champions pose for a picture together.

Updated 5 December: IBM Champions nominations are now closed. We will continue to evaluate IBM Rising Champions advocacy badge applications monthly.

IBM Champions program nominations are now open

I am pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 2024 class of IBM Champions! You have until 27 November 2023 to nominate someone you think might make a great addition to the program, or to nominate yourself.

Who are IBM Champions?

IBM Champions are the ultimate advocates for IBM technologies. Currently, nearly 850 non-IBMer technical experts worldwide are dedicated to promoting IBM technologies through speaking at conferences, publishing content, leading user groups, training and mentoring, participating in industry analyst research, and so much more. Check the video below to hear from some IBM Champions about who they are and what they do.

IBM Champions are selected for their expertise and advocacy across all IBM products, including in the following product categories:

  • AI
  • Automation
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud
  • Data
  • Power
  • Quantum
  • Security
  • Storage
  • IBM Sustainability Software
  • IBM Z

Why be an IBM Champion?

The IBM Champions program recognizes and rewards the contributions these advocates have made. Some of the benefits that may be offered include a digital credential, a package of IBM Champion-logo gear to wear and display, VIP treatment at IBM TechXchange events and other conferences, and regular opportunities and training to support ongoing advocacy. Most IBM Champions appreciate those concrete benefits; however, they say that what’s really most valuable to them is the recognition, eminence, and network and community of similar professionals.

Nominations are now open until 27 November

IBM Champions are selected based on their extensive advocacy beyond the scope of their jobs over the previous 12 months.

To become an IBM Champion, individuals are nominated and reviewed by an IBM-led selection committee. Individuals may be nominated by an IBMer, colleague, or community member, or may nominate themselves. Those nominated by others are encouraged to submit a self-nomination form as well, to ensure the selection committee has full information.

IBM Champions will be announced in early January.

Process for IBM Champion nominations

All nominations are a two-step process:

  1. Complete the IBM Champions Program Nomination form. (Or, if you want, use this form to submit someone else to become an IBM Champion.)
  2. If the candidate qualifies through the first stage, they will be sent a second form, which will require additional information about advocacy activities in the past 12 months.

The selection committees are looking for examples of advocacy, mentoring, content creation, and support of the technical and partner communities beyond the scope of a person’s job. In addition, they need to see evidence of expertise in IBM offerings, products, services, or communities.

Preparing for nomination

If you are nominating someone else, please ensure you have their permission, as you’ll be sharing some of their personal information. They will be notified of the nomination and encouraged to complete a self-nomination form as well, as they know the most about their own activities.

If you’re nominating yourself, you will be sharing activities, a bio, links to your contributions, and references who can speak to your activity. You may want to ensure you have an updated profile at the IBM TechXchange Community and at LinkedIn, as well as at any other site where you want us to review your contributions during the selection process, such as GitHub, StackOverflow, etc. Selection committees that may include IBMers and Lifetime IBM Champions will review all activities and nominations and select the top advocates to become 2024 IBM Champions. 

To learn more about the iBM Champions program, how to nominate, and meet some IBM Champions, join us for a public webinar on Thursday, 9 November.

What happens if you or your nominee doesn’t qualify for IBM Champion?

If you or your nominee are not quite ready to become an IBM Champion, you still have a pathway that rewards and encourages advocates (year-round) through a new initiative called IBM Rising Champions Advocacy badge program. The program offers an open opportunity for participants to build and report their IBM advocacy activities in support of their journey to become an IBM Champion for the next round of nominations.

It’s easy to join the IBM Rising Champions Advocacy badge program and start reporting acts of advocacy. After first becoming a member of the IBM TechXchange Community, applicants can submit and update their acts of advocacy ongoing – which may lead to their qualification for future IBM Champion nomination opportunities. 

Get to know the IBM Champions

One of the best ways to get inspired around the IBM Champions program is to follow who the current IBM Champions are and what they're contributing. At the IBM Champions public community, you can review current Champions' profiles and read content they've created. You can also follow the #IBMChampion hashtag not only at the community, but also on LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter).

To learn more about the iBM Champions program, how to nominate, and meet some IBM Champions, join us for a public webinar on Thursday, 9 November.

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to me, Libby Ingrassia, IBM Champions Program Director, or my colleague Kathryn DuPont, IBM User Advocacy, IBM TechXchange. we hope you'll share the program and nominations widely and submit a nomination today.