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February 2022 User Group Leaders and Liaisons Recap

By Kat Jarvis posted Fri February 25, 2022 05:42 PM


Thank you to everyone who attended our 2022 User Group Leaders and Liaisons Meeting on February 24th. And a HUGE thank you to our speakers: @Marius Ciortea, @Tim Bonnemann, @Janie Mann, and @Richard Barber! For anyone that couldn't attend here is the link to the recording of the call (password: cQq4#1$h) and the link to the slides. We also have a great resource called the IBM Community playbook which user groups leaders can use as a go-to guide for creating events in the community, blogs & SEO tips, discussions, libraries and more.

IBM Community user group leaders attended from all across the different IBM product areas and from around the world including the United States, UK, Asia, South Africa, Canada, Austria, and India:

At 275K members, the IBM Community is THE place to interact with other IBM users and experts, ask and answer questions, and get to know each other. The core mission of the IBM Community is for people who use IBM solutions to share, learn, and do more: Share your experiences, learn from each other, and do more with IBM products and solutions. With this mission - growing the community, bringing everyone together, and a continued focus on growing user groups is at the forefront.

We facilitated a great discussion around the biggest challenges that user group leaders faced in holding events (in person or virtual) and received some great feedback: 

Below are some of our favorite resources for increasing virtual event engagement including:

  • Mentimeter: Audience engagement platform for polling/wordcloud generation/icebreakers (shows live results)
  • MURAL: Interactive brainstorming/attendee participation
  • Wheel of Names: Free tool to spin the wheel and select a winner for giveaways/raffles
  • Virtual photobooths (snapbar/simplebooth)
  • Offer incentives (ex: raffle courses)

Please be sure to mark your calendars for some of the great events we have coming up across the community:

    Thanks again to everyone who participated and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting! ​​​​​



    Tue April 05, 2022 12:06 PM

    Kat, you rocked it! I'm glad I could contribute and that I came away with takeaways to apply to future conferences we host. Thanks!



    Wed March 09, 2022 11:17 AM

    Great session Kat! Glad I was able to contribute and left with takeaways to apply to future conferences we host. Thanks!