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Enterprise ready cloud software: IBM announces hybrid multicloud platform on Red Hat Open Shift

By Christina Howell posted Thu August 01, 2019 05:59 AM

IBM is releasing a next generation hybrid multicloud platform that lets you build once, and deploy anywhere, to best address your unique application, data and workload requirements. The platform combines Red Hat’s market leading, open standards-based container and kubernetestechnology (RH OpenShift) to run workloads on the right cloud infrastructure from any vendor, on or off premises, with IBM’s proven middleware, deployable on IBM’s world class public cloud or on any cloud, and supported by IBM’s extensive industry expertise. 


Clients now have a single trusted source to help them realize a faster, more secure journey to cloud, with the portability and freedom to find new cost efficiencies at any time, and leverage the latest technologies from any vendor to speed innovation and growth.


A faster, more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud through enterprise-ready containerized software solutions. Built on open standards to modernize apps once and innovate anywhere, on the best fit structure, on or off prem. 

  • Complete yet simple: Application, data and AI services, fully modular and easy to consume 
  • IBM certified: Full software stack support, and ongoing security, compliance and version compatibility
  • Run anywhere: On-premises, on private and public clouds, and in pre-integrated systems

Introducing Cloud Paks

Cloud accelerates digital transformation, yet only 20% of enterprise workloads have moved to the cloud due to challenges that arise from (a) unique workload and data needs, (b) multiple clouds and vendors, and (c) a technology generation gap between cloud-native and traditional environments. To address these challenges and accelerate their journey to cloud, Cloud Paks enable clients to adopt an open hybrid approach that is:

  • Portable --Future proofed by building once, deploying anywhere for flexible data and workload placement
  • Predictable -- Open and integrated consistent management services that ensure operational integrity and reduce cost
  • Productive -- Integrated and secure containerized software for an agile, yet governed, enterprise

IBM Cloud
Paks give you a faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud through enterprise-ready containerized software solutions. It’s flexible and consumable, IBM-certified to secure the entire stack, and can run anywhere. Part of IBM’s hybrid multicloud platform, they have an infrastructure-independent common operating environment that runs anywhere—from any data center to multiple clouds to the edge—you can select the best architecture and approach to address the most critical application, data and workload requirements for your business. Cloud Paks are comprised of containerized software and Open Source components that are pre-integrated with the Red Hat OpenShift enterprise container platform.

 Accelerate your journey to cloud

  • Building applications: Reduce dev time up to 84%
    IBM Cloud Pak for Applications: modernize applications, develop cloud native apps, deliver apps on multiple clouds
  • Predict outcomes, automate data tasks: Make data ready for AI in days
    IBM Cloud Pak for Data: connect data for self-serve analytics, operationalize AI with trust & transparency, avoid lock-in, run anywhere with agility
  • Moving and integrating: Eliminate 33% of integration cost
    IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: integrate cloud and SaaS, respond to real-time events, create secure API portals
  • Automating work: Reduce manual processes up to 80%
    IBM Cloud Pak for Automation: automate tasks and mundane work, enrich content with intelligence, visualize ops data; optimize processes 
  • Managing hybrid environments: Reduce IT op expense by up to 75%
    IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management:dynamically monitor and resolve problems, deploy and upgrade with compliance, manage end-to-end with security

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Tue December 10, 2019 07:28 AM

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So as you can see, I have to prioritize yet all 3 project have their own merit. Maybe we can have a group call to go over them in more detail to determine the best options.

Finally, I was hoping to possibly present one of these in detail for IBM THINK 2020. However I see I missed the deadline for entries. Would it be possible to see if there is a way to consider a submission from me on one or more of these projects that may interest you? 

I think there is enormous potential for us do do big business together and look forward to making this a reality partnering with IBM.