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  • In Lori Webber’s recap of Think , one of the areas she promised you’d hear more about is Anomaly Detection. Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI), an SCBN capability, uses Watson AI to provide business users with insights into B2B transactions quickly ...

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  • As many of you are aware, last year IBM entered into a strategic partnership with Syncsort to expand and accelerate future development of our B2B Collaboration product family, which includes the product offerings of IBM B2B Integrator (B2Bi), IBM File ...

  • You know that it isn’t enough to exchange data between people and systems. To use it you need “any-to-any” data integration which translates data so that the application receiving the data "recognizes" it. We’ve now made that process even easier with ...

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  • Chances are, you’re contemplating or have already embarked on your journey to the hybrid cloud. Even organizations that have traditionally chosen an on-premise approach are considering the cloud due to rising complexity and cost of B2B infrastructure ...

  • With our Gateway 6.0 launch, both B2B Integrator 6.0 and File Gateway 6.0 now support Docker containers. In this blog I’ll explain what this means and how containers can make your life easier. A refresher on containers Let’s start with a quick ...

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  • On behalf of Jeanette Barlow, Vice President Strategy & Offering Management, Supply Chain Solutions, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of the IBM B2B Collaboration Community, an online space for you to connect with cross-industry peers using IBM B2B ...

  • Welcome to the IBM B2B Integration interest group! This forum post answers your common questions about the community, the interest group, and more. Visit this post, and share with us new questions or what you would like to see from this community. ...

  • Question and Answer from "Taking the first steps to move to the hybrid cloud" Thank you for attending our webcast "Taking the first steps to move to the hybrid cloud". We received more questions than we could answer, so we are posting ...

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