Top 4 Process Automation Priorities: Mastering Optimization in Critical Times Webinar

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Wed June 21, 2023 01:11 PM

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Join Forrester Principal Analyst, Dr. Bernhard Schaffrik, Forrester Researcher, Renee Taylor-Huot, and IBM Process Mining Director of Product Management, Leslie Chau, to understand why continuous process optimization is a crucial business imperative for your organization and why the disconnect between process improvement and process automation is a common roadblock to success.

Our guest speakers, Bernhard and Renee will present findings from the recent IBM-commissioned Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot, “Future-Proof Your Firm’s Process Optimization Strategy”, that examines enterprises’ process improvement practices through a survey of 461 global process-decision makers to understand the impact unifying relevant people, workflows, and tools may have in deriving process optimization and automation at scale.

Following Bernhard and Renee’s presentation, discover how enterprises are leveraging technology to optimize processes, keys to success and lessons learned with IBM’s own, Leslie Chau.

  • get exclusive insights into Forrester's recent research on fortifying your business strategies for a rapidly evolving digital landscape
  • receive key lessons on how to overcome adoption and scaling obstacles from successful IBM client strategies
  • discover which tools and techniques help with implementing and maintaining a streamlined, automated, and future-ready process optimization strategy

Key Speakers

Dr. Bernhard Schaffrik, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Bernhard’s research supports CIOs and technology leaders with their broader transformation challenges. His thought leadership provides guidance on how to manage technology-driven business models and how to drive sustainable technology innovation. Bernhard is a hands-on expert in emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing. Leveraging his business process and enterprise architecture expertise, Bernhard’s research takes a holistic look at business and operations automation and serves clients in these areas of responsibility.


Renee Taylor-Huot, Researcher, Forrester

Renee is a researcher on the infrastructure and operations (I&O) team. Her research focuses on automation (robotic process automation and digital process automation), artificial intelligence, and the future of work. She has a background in communications and media studies with a special focus on emerging technology. Her research explores the notion of a hybrid workforce (human and digital workers), the impact and disruption caused by automation, and how companies can strive toward a more human-centered automation approach.

Leslie Chau, Director Product Management of Process Mining, IBM

Leslie leads the Process Mining Product Management teams for IBM Automation. He has over 15 years of experience in the Digital Transformation, Automation and Integration spaces and has held various roles in Consulting, Sales and Product Management. Leslie has extensive experience delivering and delighting clients with AI and digital solutions and currently focuses on infusing AI and intelligence into the IBM Automation platform.

David Jenness, Business Automation Portfolio Product Manager, IBM

David Jenness is a writer and public speaker who specializes in communicating the benefits of new technologies to business decision-makers. For IBM’s Business Automation, Mr. Jenness writes executive speeches and videos, coordinates its worldwide user groups and Communities, and produces live and virtual events. Prior to 2010, Mr. Jenness performed a similar role with capture pioneer Datacap for 12 years.

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