Spring into action with business automation – Creating business value in sustainability Webinar

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Tue April 11, 2023 04:12 PM

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Sustainability and automation are tightly interlinked for profitability and new business growth. Over the past decade, many corporations pledged their commitment to sustainability and sustainable practices, with some making further commitments towards carbon neutrality and net zero. Shareholders and boards are demanding sustainability and social responsibility as key corporate values in addition to profitability from CEOs. Investors poured billions into sustainability in 2021 and analysts expect the levels to reach trillions in the next 2 decades. Automation could help fight inflation by reducing costs and driving new revenue streams and job creation.

During the webinar, our expert speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • The role of automation in achieving sustainability goals
  • How automation can enhance the employee experience
  • The benefits of automation for profitability and cost savings
  • Real-world example of an organization that successfully implemented business automation that also works towards carbon neutrality
  • How to get started with IBM Business Automation

Join us to discover how IBM Business Automation can be used to help you achieve the Environmental, Society and Governance (ESG) accountability objectives and the sustainability Triple Bottom Line (TBL) strategy framework that measures a business's success in three key areas: profit, people, and the planet.

Key Speakers

Michael Nishiki, Americas Business Automation Leader

Michael Hinds, Americas Business Automation Leader

Jeff Goodhue, Americas Business Automation Technical Leader

George Thomas, ActiveWorx Automation Specialist

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