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Field Guide for Upgrade to IBM ECM System Monitor V5.5.7 available 

10 days ago

IBM ECM System Monitor V5.5.7 has become available on November 23, 2021, providing several enhancements and new capabilities:


  • Additional functional monitoring probes for IBM FileNet
    • Extended monitoring of FileNet document status (indexed, error codes)
    • Extended monitoring of FileNet long-running queries (performance impact)
    • Monitoring of PostgreSQL (database for FileNet)
  • Event Console
    • Multi-select of incidents in Event Console for much faster acknowledging or closing of events
    • Visualization of deactivated situations
    • Default Dashboards for specific roles
    • Automatically rotating Dashboards
  • Configuration – reducing efforts for initial set up, updates and modifications 
    • Simplified event integration with IBM Watson AIOps, Instana and ServiceNow
    • Autodiscovery for FileNet Content Manager container configuration
  • Platform
    • Currency for supported IBM Business Automation products, e.g. FileNet Content Manager V5.5.7 and ICN 3.0.10
    • ESM Containers platform currency


This Field Guide describes the steps to upgrade your IBM ECM System Monitor V5.5.5.x to V5.5.7. If you need any help or training for this new release, please let me know or talk to your IBM Business Automation representative.

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