DMN FEEL Handbook

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Wed May 24, 2023 11:02 PM

DMN FEEL Handbook

The DMN FEEL Handbook is a community asset that can be extremely helpful for Decision Automation users using FEEL expressions.  

DMN FEEL Handbook

What is FEEL?
The FEEL (Friendly Enough Expression Language) is part of the DMN specification, and it aims to be a common ground between technical and non-technical users.

As described in the Handbook: 

"This is a vademecum for the FEEL expression language from the DMN specification, as also implemented by the Drools DMN open source engine. This is not intended as an exhaustive documentation of the DMN capabilities of Drools; this is designed as a handy pocket reference for FEEL usage, a FEEL pocket guide, a FEEL reference, a FEEL quick reference, a FEEL cheatsheet, a FEEL handbook."

What is Drools?
Drools is the upstream rules engine project which brings the rules and decision automation capabilities of DMOE and PAMOE.

The DMN Feel Handbook exemplifies the power of open-source collaboration. Kudos to the KIE Community's collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence, with a special shoutout to Matteo Mortari, for significantly impacting the decision automation space.