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Operationalizing AI: Beyond Pilots With Digital Decisioning

Businesses are made or broken by the quality of the decisions they make. How well does this offer target this customer? Does this machine need to be serviced now or can it wait? Is this transaction legitimate or suspicious? Will this customer make the payment they have just promised? The quality...

(IBM ODM) Become a Decision Automation Ninja and Automate Your Business Rules

Overview Title: Become a Decision Automation Ninja and Automate Your Business Rules (IBM ODM) Date: Monday, August 24, 2020 Time: 01:00 PM Central Daylight Time Duration: 1 hour Summary Become a Ninja! Select one or more of the automation capabilities...

 Mon August 24, 2020 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM CT

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Art of Automation - A First Look at IBM Automation Decision Services

Automation Decision Services (ADS) uses decision-modeling capabilities to help business analysts and experts capture and automate repeatable decisions. They are able to make more accurate decisions by collaborating with peers and quickly adapting to the changing business conditions to improve...

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Decision Composer Hands on Lab

Try IBM Decision Composer, a no-cost cloud-based decision automation tool to model, author, validate, share and run business rules in a no-code environment. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , #business-automation ​, #ODM , #businessrules ​​​​

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Infuse Business Rules with Machine Learning

By combining Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in IBM Watson Studio with business rule declarative decisions in IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), we can make business decisions with greater flexibility and accuracy. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , ...

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Product Tour of IBM Operational Decision Manager

Want to see for yourself? Take a short test drive of IBM Operational Decision Manager to introduce you to the product. You'll be able to: Capture, automate and manage business rules to encourage rapid adaptation to change, increase the consistency and auditability of decisions, and detect...

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Build a Decision Service

Hands on development tutorial to build a business rule driven decision service for a web-based online loan application. Business agility depends on responsive, intelligent decision automation. IBM Operational Decision Manager helps manage decisions separately from business applications, with...

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Get Started Quickly with Decision Automation

This demonstration shows how to quickly download and install ODM for Developers, available at no charge for evaluation and development purposes. A sample illustrates how simple it is to manage and update a decision service with business rules, before invoking that service to automate decisions....

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Decision Automation Made Simple

Automated decisions improve your business responsiveness, minimize compliance risk, streamline workflow processes, and much more. IBM Decision Composer greatly simplifies how business rules are modeled, authored, shared, tested and executed within enterprise applications using the Decision Model...