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The Difference Between Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation & What Unites Them

Computer automation couldn't exist without data science as a field. On the other hand, all those fancy machine learning subroutines would be rather useless if there wasn't at least some way to get them to do practical work. Unfortunately, the interaction between all of these fields makes it...

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How IBM's Automation Document Processing can help utility bill payment automation

Please also read Part I of this blog ' Leverage the power of Low Code and AI to automate your document processing ' written by Allen Chan , CTO of IBM Digital Business Automation. IBM's Automation Document Processing is a set of AI-powered services that can read unstructured documents, refine...

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How anyone can use deep learning to turn unstructured content into actionable data with IBM Automation Document Processing

We understand automation will make our businesses more profitable and free up time to focus on high value tasks. We also know that data scientists can build sophisticated models to make this happen, but they are in high demand and have too many projects to tackle. Meanwhile, businesses...

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