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How AI-powered automation is giving people superhuman abilities

By lifting the burden of low-value tasks and offering people unprecedented powers to do high-value work, modern automation can make time for brilliance #Highlights-home #Highlights #ai #ArtificialIntelligence(AI) #automation #BusinessMethodology #Highlights #Highlights-home

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Have You Kept Your Promises? New AIIM-IBM Event Seeks to Help

I am very proud to announce the next AIIM-IBM Virtual Event, “It’s Time To Realize The Promise Of Automation.” Join us on Wednesday October 7, starting at 11 AM ET for a four-hour journey to Hyperautomation that includes customer presentations, demonstrations, Business Partner talks, Design...

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REPLAY AVAILABLE: What is "Two Questions About Automation with David Jenness"?

Hey IBM Community! I am starting a new interview series to bring to the public the best ideas and the brightest minds in Automation. It’s called “Two Questions About Automation (with David Jenness).” Most of us are busier than we’ve ever been, but we still need to learn and grow and consider...

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