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Why I'm Excited for IBM Automation Document Processing

I think my recent post on our blog expressed this excitement pretty head on, but I think it's a point worth reiterating. This new Automation Document Processing capability (coming in the December Cloud Pak for Automation release) is extremely exciting. As enterprises around the world are...

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IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.3 Announcement

I am excited to announce soon-to-be released new and enhanced features in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation . These AI-powered updates will allow: Users to intelligently process documents and information easily and accurately without data science skills . Business Managers to gain...

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How anyone can use deep learning to turn unstructured content into actionable data with IBM Automation Document Processing

We understand automation will make our businesses more profitable and free up time to focus on high value tasks. We also know that data scientists can build sophisticated models to make this happen, but they are in high demand and have too many projects to tackle. Meanwhile, businesses...

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