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The Difference Between Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation & What Unites Them

Computer automation couldn't exist without data science as a field. On the other hand, all those fancy machine learning subroutines would be rather useless if there wasn't at least some way to get them to do practical work. Unfortunately, the interaction between all of these fields makes it...

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Workplace - How IBM is Creating New Tools for Intelligent Work Management

Until only very recently, any large enterprise that wanted to monitor their office workers’ productivity and help those falling behind is to ask them. “How are you doing?” Often called, “Management By Walking Around,” it was the best you could hope for, if also inaccurate and impossible to...

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Intelligent automation uses advanced AI to give humans the gift of time

AI-powered automation can tackle complex tasks and drastically streamline workflows—unlocking new possibilities to create value #Highlights-home #Highlights #Highlights-home #Highlights #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

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Why I'm Excited for IBM Automation Document Processing

I think my recent post on our blog expressed this excitement pretty head on, but I think it's a point worth reiterating. This new Automation Document Processing capability (coming in the December Cloud Pak for Automation release) is extremely exciting. As enterprises around the world are...

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Read About Our New RPA Acquisition

IDC predicts that, by 2024, enterprises powered by AI will be able to respond to customers, competitors, regulators, and partners 50% faster than those that aren’t using AI. [1] #Highlights-home #RPA #Robotic-Process-Automation #AI #WDG #Blog #Highlights