IBM RPA Advanced - Processes, Workflows, Concurrent Execution and Dashboards

When:  Jun 24, 2021 from 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM (CET)
Join this advanced IBM RPA hands-on workshop to learn about processes and workflows that you can use to control and manage your bot execution in detail. You will learn how to use both of these concepts, the differences between them and, best of all, how to implement each one to unlock the full potential for bot orchestration and workload management that IBM RPA has to offer. As a bonus you will create a custom dashboard using the business data you have just handled with your workflow implementation.

This workshop consists of presentations and hands-on labs so that you can explore this exciting technology in detail. All you need is your computer for accessing the hands-on labs in the IBM Cloud (any operating system, just browser access is needed). Basic knowledge and some experience with IBM RPA is suggested.