Webinar: Unlock Extreme Process Optimization with IBM Process Mining

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When:  Dec 12, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (ET)


Learn how to magnify inefficiencies, pinpoint errors, and drive transformative results with IBM Process Mining. In collaboration with IBM Consulting's expertise, we present a solution that offers clarity amidst the operational chaos. Dive into this session to chart your course toward extreme process excellence and secure that sought-after macroscopic view of your business operations.

  • Demystify Process Mining: Tackle operational blind spots, refine inefficiencies, and embrace the digital transformation journey
  • Process Excellence Unveiled: Navigate our PEX approach, identifying error-prone processes and unearthing automation potential
  • Procurement Value Governance in Action: Get a live demo showcasing proven strategies to optimize your ROI

Key Speakers

Thomas Ivory - Senior Partner - Global Automation Leader, IBM

David Keyes - Principal Worldwide Automation Sales Leader, IBM

Debanjana Dasgupta - Associate Partner & Executive IT Architect, IBM


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