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Using AI Tools for Screen Capture (e.g. Tango, Scribe)

  • 1.  Using AI Tools for Screen Capture (e.g. Tango, Scribe)

    Posted Thu January 04, 2024 10:40 AM

    Has anyone had success with using AI tools to expedite process documentation with Blueworks Live?  I've been playing with Tango and Scribe to capture screenshots and steps in an instant with AI, but when I try to build it into Blueworks, the process is cumbersome as it's basically a premade Documentation element in Blueworks.  Because I'm starting with Documentation, I then need to work backwards to update the Discovery Map and Process diagram.  I'm losing the efficiency I gained with the AI tools. 

    Karen Olivas

  • 2.  RE: Using AI Tools for Screen Capture (e.g. Tango, Scribe)

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Fri January 05, 2024 05:08 AM

    Hi Karen and thank you for your very interesting post.

    I think that what you suggest is very desirable. IBM needs to update Blueworks to allow for it to automatically ingest business processes (in BPMN 2.0) and process metadata.  

    Please keep an eye on Blueworks Live updates during 2024 and I think you will see some things that will help.

    Mark Ketteman
    Digital Business Solutions Engineer
    IBM United Kingdom Limited