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  • 1.  User Permissions when copying Spaces

    Posted Tue August 29, 2023 09:37 AM

    We are trying to migrate data from one BWL instance/account to another. When copying spaces, all details are being copied except for user permissions, even when users exist in both accounts.  Has anyone successfully retained the original user/user group permissions when migrated between accounts, or got any tips?  many thanks, Gareth. 

    Gareth Harrison

  • 2.  RE: User Permissions when copying Spaces

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Wed August 30, 2023 06:10 AM

    Hi Gareth,

    This is working as designed. If you move a space the permissions will get moved with it. If you copy, Blueworks assumes that you want to reset the permissions. There is no "move" function between accounts so the copy function has to be used.

    BTW, I am urging all of my Blueworks Live users to switch over to using user groups for the management of permissions. Makes life much easier. Also, use the ability to inherit permissions from higher level spaces.


    Mark Ketteman
    Digital Business Solutions Engineer
    IBM United Kingdom Limited

  • 3.  RE: User Permissions when copying Spaces

    Posted Thu August 31, 2023 04:14 AM

    Hi Mark, 

    Many thanks for your clear/concise reply.  Currently access controls aren't tightly governed, with a mix of user groups, direct user permissions to spaces and variations in use of inheritance. Given the variability and number of spaces we were hoping to retain current settings, but it looks like we may have to review/redefine permissions as part of moving accounts. 



    Gareth Harrison