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  • 1.  Space Details - Add Custom Properties

    Posted Thu February 02, 2023 10:28 AM
    In a Space view the left hand panel has a section called "Space Details" which has two properties; Description and Goals.
    Is there any way to extend this with custom Properties, e.g. Business Owner, like you can with Process and Decision Properties?

    This would be ideal to help bring the hierarchical structure alive as currently it is broadly just there for organising contents, rather than leveraging values from the glossary.

    Simon Lant

  • 2.  RE: Space Details - Add Custom Properties
    Best Answer

    IBM TechXchange Speaker
    Posted Fri February 03, 2023 06:04 AM

    This is a requirement that is in "Future Consideration" state in our "Ideas" system. Here is the link for this idea

    Please vote for the requirement and add a detailed comment. This helps us to evaluate these requests.

    Thank you

    Mark Ketteman
    Digital Business Solutions Engineer
    IBM United Kingdom Limited