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Reusable Activities/Sub-Process/Linked Process

  • 1.  Reusable Activities/Sub-Process/Linked Process

    Posted Fri July 01, 2022 03:50 AM

    Hi Community,


    The basic question I tell my users is that we cannot reuse the Activities/Sub-Process/Linked Process which we have created in one diagram in another. This is a huge problem and I think Blueworks Live is the ONLY tool among the myriad of tools which does not have the feature.


    Possible Problems:

    1. As reusability of activities is not possible, it increases the overheads on Process Designer to maintain the same activity if used across different brands, regions or business units.   
    2. As reusability is not allowed, it increases redundancies in the total inventory.


    I am not sure why we do not allow this, but we use various work arounds to solve this and this is the first thing I had to tell my users.



    Kaushik Mishra

  • 2.  RE: Reusable Activities/Sub-Process/Linked Process

    Posted Tue July 05, 2022 05:22 PM
    Hi Kaushik,

    Reuse via Linked Processes is possible today. Documentation on how to create and use linked processes can be found here:

    As for the requirement to reuse other kinds of artifacts, there is your open idea here:
    Hopefully others will see this post and vote! The more interest there is in a feature, the greater the likelihood of it happening :-)

    Best regards,

    Suzette Samoojh