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How to extract a decrypted string from "@APPVAR(tmengine:cs)" parameter in C#

  • 1.  How to extract a decrypted string from "@APPVAR(tmengine:cs)" parameter in C#

    Posted Fri January 20, 2023 02:07 AM
    I am writing a custom code in c#.
    I want to connect to Engine Database and read records from Queue table.
    So I'd like to retrieve a connection string from .app file.
    My code looks like this.

    string engDbString = localSmartObj.MetaWord("@APPVAR(tmengine:cs)");

    After execution, engDbString variable contained


    I want a decrypted string, not this secured one.
    Is there anyway to decode this to plain text? I know I can write out the connection string in Generic Custom Value section.
    But this will require us to expose the password and the client most probably will not like it.