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  • 1.  DataCap 9.1.9 System requirements

    IBM Champion
    Posted 12 days ago

    We are currently planning to deploy a standard Datacap environnement (3 servers as shown in the redbook page 175), as per the system requirements I couldn't find details about CPU sizing. The only system requirement I've found is the SPCR : IBM Software Product Compatibility Reports

    Unfortunately there is only memory and disk requirement, can someone share a sample minimum sizing for Datacap for a typical environment. If possible what are the rule of thumbs to size the resources.

    P.S : We are planning a deployment on VMware 

    Thank you

    Largou walid

  • 2.  RE: DataCap 9.1.9 System requirements

    Posted 11 days ago

    Hello Largou,

    The link in the compatibility report are bare minimum.  It all depend on the volume and the type of document you are processing.
    The key here is ensure that production required datacap to be in a distributed system.  Follow the redbook for vertical or horizontal scaling.
    In 9.19 they introduce 64 bit action library which require a little more memory IMO.

    Since it's a VMware environment you can expand as needed. 

    Rulerunner rule of thumbs is one core per thread.  You can add more thread to core provided cpu does not exceed 80%.
    I also recommend keeping your DB small since it's very chatty with the DB.

    Hope this helps.

    Blue Devil

  • 3.  RE: DataCap 9.1.9 System requirements

    Posted 4 days ago
    Core to Thread ratio is 1:1.5 according to InfoCenter.

    "The maximum number of threads is 150% of the number of processors."

    I think this ratio can be 1:1 depending on how busy a Ruleruner thread becomes.
    It depends on scan input amount and also how loaded your application is with actions.

    Memory is, a number of thread X 4GB, in my thinking. This is because a ruleruner thread is 32bit process so it can use up to 4GB each.
    I will give 6 core ruleruner server 32 GB. I think the disk size can be something like 200GB.
    Unless you want keep all logs, periodically deleting them saves disk space.
    In my project batch folder is stored in outside disk. It is something like 2TB size.

    Hope this helps.