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  • 1.  Datacap 9.1.9 and Db2 HADR

    Posted 9 days ago


    Someone has told me Datacap 9.1.9 cannot configure Db2 HADR configuration.

    It is not supported. Is this true?

    Db2 is installed on Windows Server 2022.

    If Db2 can be configured in HADR, how can we achieve automatic takeover or switching to Standby database when Primary DB shuts down?

    Which method can we use?


  • 2.  RE: Datacap 9.1.9 and Db2 HADR

    Posted 8 days ago

    Hello Dsakai, 

    Not sure who told you that Datacap does not support DB2 with high availability DR.  The TM server connect to the DB via a provider that's configured in taskmaster application manager.  So in essence TMS is just like any client trying to connect to the DB2.   If DB2 is down and Fail Over occurred would any client still be connected seamlessly?  If so Datacap TMS would behind the same way.   Now it's possible the that TMS would require a reboot because the connection is lost. 

    So ask DB2 this question, if I have a oracle client or connecting to DB2 and if the DB is but has a HADR, is it active active or active passive.  Does the client needs to logout and log back in.   Chances are they might have to reconnect. But I am not sure.   HADR on web search is just a replication to prevent data lost.


    Blue Devil

  • 3.  RE: Datacap 9.1.9 and Db2 HADR

    Posted yesterday

    Hi Blue Devil,

    I am relieved to hear Datacap can work with HADR db2.

    I will make a Test Case for Datacap-HADR failover functionality that Datacap Server may need to restart.