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create application db for ilmt

  • 1.  create application db for ilmt

    Posted Tue November 29, 2022 09:38 AM

    i have windows 2022

    installed bigfix server

    installed sql server express and enabled tcpip

    installed ilmt 9.2.27

    all install ok

    after ilmt install it needs to create the application database

    bigfix and ilmt installed on same machine

    i specified localhost and windows authentication

    also tested with real ip of server

    could not connect to localhost ;;;;check connection...

    according an old forum entry I added the line in jvm.options

    and restarted ilmt

    same problem

    the log is not giving many info

    4/7/22 13:49:55:231 UTC] 0000001e A CWWKT0016I: Web application available (default_host): https://ilmtsrv:9081/

    [4/7/22 13:50:01:418 UTC] 0000001e I SESN0176I: A new session context will be created for application key default_host/

    [4/7/22 13:50:01:434 UTC] 0000001e I SESN0172I: The session manager is using the Java default SecureRandom implementation for session ID generation.

    [4/7/22 13:50:01:482 UTC] 0000001e I DYNA1056I: Dynamic Cache (object cache) initialized successfully.

    [4/7/22 13:50:02:638 UTC] 0000001e I SRVE0292I: Servlet Message - [tema]:.INFO: jruby (2.5.7) 2020-03-25 b1f55b1a40 IBM J9 VM 2.9 on - pwa6480sr7fp5-20220208_01(SR7 FP5) +jit [mswin32-x86_64]

    [4/7/22 13:50:02:638 UTC] 0000001e I SRVE0292I: Servlet Message - [tema]:.INFO: using a shared (threadsafe!) runtime

    [4/7/22 13:50:15:434 UTC] 0000001e SystemErr R uri:classloader:/jruby/rack/response.rb:294: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated

    [4/7/22 13:50:15:482 UTC] 0000001e SystemErr R uri:classloader:/jruby/rack/core_ext.rb:26: warning: constant ::NativeException is deprecated

    [4/7/22 13:50:20:544 UTC] 0000002e A CWWKZ0022W: Application tema has not started in 30.157 seconds.

    [4/7/22 13:50:20:983 UTC] 0000001d I CWWKO0219I: TCP Channel tema-ssl has been started and is now listening for requests on host * (IPv6) port 9081.

    [4/7/22 13:50:21:155 UTC] 0000001d A CWWKF0012I: The server installed the following features: [appSecurity-1.0, appSecurity-2.0, distributedMap-1.0, federatedRegistry-1.0, jaxrs-1.1, jdbc-4.0, jndi-1.0, json-1.0, jsp-2.2, ldapRegistry-3.0, passwordUtilities-1.0, servlet-3.0, ssl-1.0].

    [4/7/22 13:50:21:155 UTC] 0000001d I CWWKF0008I: Feature update completed in 41.594 seconds.

    [4/7/22 13:50:21:155 UTC] 0000001d A CWWKF0011I: The server1 server is ready to run a smarter planet. The server1 server started in 46.566 seconds.

    [4/7/22 13:50:36:519 UTC] 0000001e SystemErr R C:/Program Files/ibm/LMT/wlp/usr/servers/server1/apps/tema.war/WEB-INF/gems/gems/sequel- warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated

    anything we have forgotten or should done

    thanks for all answer

    best regards, Guy


  • 2.  RE: create application db for ilmt

    Posted Thu April 07, 2022 03:52 PM


    Please open case against ILMT Support and attach entire tema.log to that case.

    Thank you.


  • 3.  RE: create application db for ilmt

    Posted Thu April 07, 2022 05:11 PM

    ok - case opened - files uploaded