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Welcome to the IBM Blockchain Platform user community! We have built this page for you, our users and business partners, as a place to engage in meaningful conversations about solving the world’s hardest problems with IBM’s blockchain technology. 

We encourage all our members to get involved. You can start by posting a question or topic in the Discussion area covering anything from technical hurdles, strategic best practices, or industry-specific questions. We hope that others in the community get involved in contributing to the conversations as we build out this community to foster a more connected and transparent ecosystem.

Remember this is not a place for advertising or getting support for specific issues in your respective code-bases, instead this is a place to discuss where you see the future of the industry, to learn from each other, and to provide IBM feedback on how we can make the product better for you.

The community consists of a few tabs, each listed below with a short description:
  • Discussion: Start targeted discussions about specific industries, technologies, or obstacles. We encourage you all to ask questions and create topics to discuss with both our team as well as other community members.
  • Library: Find resources to help you learn about and build on the IBM Blockchain Platform.
  • Blogs: Blogs posted by YOU and the IBM Blockchain team. We would love to have you author blogs for us- just go into the Blogs tab to get started.
  • Events: Learn about upcoming IBM Blockchain and permissioned blockchain industry events.
  • Members: Discover members of our community from around the world who are building blockchain applications and use-cases with the IBM Blockchain Platform.
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Latest Discussions

  • Hi James, I am told that you have had this question answered, but outside of the Community. Is that correct? Thanks. If not, let me know... David Jenness ------------------------------ DAVID Jenness ------------------------------

  • Hi, I am going thru the tutorial for IBM VSCode as described below. I managed to install the smart contract as described in point 3 of the tutorial below. However, when I click on the installed list of smart contract in the Peer Org1, the overflow menu ...

  • As 2020 ends, we want to take this time to acknowledge and thank all our active group members. Together we have created a thriving group that continues to grow. Take a peek at our top viewed blogs of the year: Blockchain as the catalyst for income ...

Latest Blogs

  • Collaborators: Jorge D Rodriguez - Blockchain Solutions Architect Ricardo Olivieri - Blockchain Solutions Architect Mihir Shah - Lead Architect IBM Blockchain Platform Overview The IBM Blockchain Platform( IBP ) provides a way to quickly ...

  • Authors: Jorge D. Rodriguez, Michele Chilanti Reviewers: Nate Rykal, Michele Chilanti With the introduction of technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric, companies have been able to usher a new era in application development. The decentralized nature ...

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  • What is certificate rotation and why is this important? If you've deployed the IBM Blockchain Platform, you already know you are responsible for monitoring your network -- ensuring that you have adequate compute, storage, and memory, to track the health ...

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  • Around the world, hundreds of tons of plastic enter the oceans each day. What if you could divert that waste and help some of the world’s poorest communities at the same time? IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry won the 2020 IBM Beacon Blockchain Trailblazer ...

  • August 5, 2020 | Written by: Jerry Cuomo You picked your doctor because your doctor has a thing for technology, just like you do. And your doctor does not disappoint. She has a new AI doctor’s assistant, that is expertly trained, ...

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