Technical Deep Dive: Guided Workflow and Monitoring with IBM BPM for SAP 

Tue March 05, 2013 09:03 AM

Implementing and monitoring SAP processes using traditional approaches is challenging. Typically, process designers will create SAP documentation using ad-hoc tools such as Powerpoint, Word, Visio, pen and paper, or spreadsheets. Business users are then trained in how to use the SAP process documents, but some users will inevitably create their own processes and not comply with the SAP documentation. The SAP approach often requires a lot of training and does not provide the visibility throughout the process that is required to proactively identify problematic areas. Watch this video and learn how IBM BPM provides event-based monitoring to uncover the 'real' SAP processes being used, and delivers guided workflow for virtually any SAP process, allowing you to invoke the correct SAP transaction sequence for each process instance, while gaining real time insight into business performance issues and opportunities. IBM Business Process Manager can interactively guide end users through SAP screens to improve productivity, visibility and consistency.


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