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Whitepaper: Collaborating with Strategic Business Units in Support of Enterprise Applications 

Mon December 14, 2015 03:20 PM

The Global WebSphere Community presents a new whitepaper, Collaborating with Strategic Business Units in Support of Enterprise Applications. Here's an abstract:

Today’s paradigm of sharing or virtualizing corporate technology and infrastructure resources reduces the need for IT departments to duplicate environments, hardware, and software in their support of strategic business units. But, with enterprise applications leveraged across an organization and enterprise middleware bridging it all together, the technical groups that create, maintain, and support these systems face compounded challenges such as compliance issues, rigorous security, and insufficient expertise in multiple application technologies like operating systems, programming languages, middleware, etc.

This white paper addresses the market trends that stimulated the innovation of new approaches to monitoring, management, automation, testing, and statistical reporting for Enterprise Middleware Environments and the development of a new breed of Middleware Management tools like Avada Software’s Infrared360.

Download this free white paper today and:

  • Find out why you need to understand the role of a Strategic Business Unit, and how its structure and objectives impact the operations of IT departments
  • Discover the two common business factors shared among most successful strategic business units
  • Learn why the current paradigm of monitoring and managing enterprise applications through a shared problem domain is a potential compliance and security risk and what you can do about it.
  • Realize how to improve efficiencies by quickly transforming a secure, “siloed,” approach to middleware management into collaborative management

This white paper is guaranteed to be informative and useful to you, whether your role is business management or IT. 


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