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Announcing Process Mining (OEM)

By Yakura Coffee posted Tue November 10, 2020 11:03 AM

Discover how processes flow through your business with Process Mining, a new integrated capability in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. IBM & myInvenio (Cognitive Technology Ltd) partnership introduces process and task mining into your automation strategy to help: 
  • Use your existing data to discover your end-to-end processes, giving a clear picture of how the as-is process is running.
  • Determine which activities and tasks are creating critical bottlenecks and whose automation will lead to the biggest overall process time improvement. 
  • Simulate your proposed automation initiatives to calculate the expected ROI of your to-be process and guarantee that the proposed changes will work.
  • Create a continuous improvement cycle where you can constantly monitor proposed changes and automations and measure their true performance against business goals. Simplify quick decision-making for the next changes/automation project by always showing the most up-to-date process state. 
Stay tuned for the general availability of the new and updated features in IBM Cloud Pak for Automation coming this December. To learn more on this announcement, please check out the following resources: 
If you are interested in these new and exciting features, please contact your IBM DBA Seller.