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May Blueworks Live Update!

By Wayne Bird posted Thu May 28, 2020 04:24 PM

We’re excited to include the following feature enhancements in the newest release of Blueworks Live available after Saturday, May 30, 2020. Check out this video for additional details. 

Here are the updates we've made:

Process Playback enhancements:
With our Process Playback feature, Blueworks Live Editors can easily walk stakeholders through any business process in order to facilitate shared understanding, elicit missing information, and identify opportunities for improvement.  Our new enhancements make it easier to collaborate with your stakeholders and to communicate complex processes. For more information on the Process Playback feature in general, check out this demo video. 
  • Viewers (not just editors) can now access the playback tool to view playbacks for published processes.
  • Up to 10 playbacks can be created for a process.
  • End-to-end playbacks can be created that span multiple (linked) processes.
  • Users can step through parallel paths within their process playbacks.
  • Users can select multiple numeric properties for analysis within a playback and can see cumulative values for those properties as they step through the playback.
  • Playbacks can be easily shared via links or the new Playback report.
Artifact management enhancements: 
We've made it easier for Blueworks Live Editors and Admins working on large scale projects to manage and organize artifacts:
  • Multiple spaces, processes, policies & decisions can be copied, moved, archived, restored, deleted, published/unpublished at the same time.
BPMN enhancements:
We've expanded our support for BPMN to make it easier to capture and execute processes. 
  • Blueworks Live editors can attach up to 3 boundary events to an activity within their process diagrams, including both timer and message events
  • Blueworks Live editors can add descriptive text to their process diagrams using text annotations. Text Annotations are a BPMN 2.0 mechanism for modelers to provide additional text information for the reader of a BPMN Diagram. 
We look forward to continued feedback on how we can make Blueworks Live better for you!

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Fri July 03, 2020 10:11 AM

Great innovations!