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Intelligent Automation And Its Various Benefits

By Terra Wilder posted Mon July 19, 2021 02:37 AM


The concept of Intelligent Automation (IA) can be explained as a highly sophisticated form of automation, wherein machines can mimic human actions. They possess cognitive capabilities, including Natural Language Processing abilities, speech recognition, Machine Learning, and computer vision technology. Essentially, Intelligent Automation is empowered by a power-packed combination of AI and related technologies.


To implement IA in a machine, it is essential to possess huge quantities of structured and unstructured data. It is crucial to understand, analyze and learn it all at the same time. With intelligent automation, businesses can aim for improved efficiency. As time passes by, the machines are upgrading as they learn more capabilities of the human brain.


What are the benefits of intelligent automation?

There are multifarious advantages offered by intelligent automation. It empowers humans with upgraded technologies that will help in making faster and smarter decisions.

  • With IA, one can expect an all-around improvement in process efficiency. It can replicate decisions made by humans, perform changes, and can be programmed to solve various issues. The superior IA is capable of doing tasks that regular IT automation cannot.
  • It will help in improving the overall experience gained by your customers. According to a study, the chatbots powered by AI have given resolution to 90% of complaints in a reduced timeframe.
  • IA also helps with optimizing the operations carried out at the back office. The machines can do tedious and repetitive tasks in a short time, with fewer errors.
  • When you start using IA for your business, it will reduce your overall long-term costs and the risks associated with your business. The self-learning feature of IA can significantly reduce costs, and it will also allow procurement functions to be more agile. It also helps to give quick responses to business opportunities.
  • It assists in optimizing the overall productivity of your workforce.
  • When you use IA for business, you can expect round-the-clock and effective monitoring. In most cases, it was seen that IA efficiently helps in better fraud detection.
  • Also, with IA, you can be more innovative with your products and services. By performing different tasks efficiently, it will not only help you with existing tasks but also will encourage you to take up innovative workings.


One cannot deny that AI-powered automation is capable of generating tangible value. The majority of businesses that have adopted AI and automation have successfully outperformed their competitors. AI-supported automation is capable of showing a smarter way of working, leading to scalable revenue growth. That is why IBM has invested in developing an integrated suite of IT and business automation software supported by IBM Cloud Paks.

These were designed to help companies drive innovation across their line of work. It also encourages them to speed up with the digital transformation journey. IBM is continuously investing in expanding business process automation offerings. We have expanded our partnership with ServiceNow for developing a solution that will reduce the operational risks of the companies. They would also assist in lowering costs by applying AI to automate IT operations. For example, IBM Cloud for Telecommunications — an open, hybrid cloud architecture designed to help telecommunications providers address the industry's specific challenges that remains highly regulated.