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IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual – Performance improvements for PDF documents

By SUDARSHAN SHENOY posted Tue March 30, 2021 10:16 PM


Improved performance of PDF document open time

Improved time to display the first page of a PDF document with many of the pages contains content. When a document is opened, the text content is formatted before the first page is displayed. This could take some time when lots of content needs to be processed. This processing happens on demand when the viewer functionality needs it. The might be a slight processing delay in IE when compared with other browsers.

Improved efficiency of Print and Save operations for mixed mime type PageN documents containing PDFs

When saving or printing mixed mimtype PageN documents that contain PDFs via the Embedded Print process, the efficiency of the PDF generation is improved

Optimized performance of printing PDF documents

When printing PDF documents with annotations, the annotations are included in the downloaded PDF document as native PDF annotations. This reduces the time taken to print documents especially when large documents are printed.

This process currently only applies to printing PDF documents when 'Print Original Size' is selected in the print settings. If this option is not selected or the printed document has other file formats, the print process flattens the content of each page.

The time it takes to prepare a PDF with annotations for print using the optimized print depends on the number of annotations.

With the optimized print any annotations created in IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual are embedded in the document as native PDF annotations. They are recognized as active annotations when the PDF is viewed by tools that support editing of PDF documents. If this document is subsequently viewed in IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual, any annotations will be treated as static content where the document with pre-applied native annotations cannot be edited. To prevent document or annotation modification appropriate security needs  be set via a tool that supports editing or via PDF printers.

Sticky Notes
Sticky Note annotations will appear on top of other annotations regardless of z-order.

Line Width
The maximum line width of native annotations is 12pt and will be limited to this for print output.

Solid Text
If a solid text annotation is set to be semi-transparent the fill background and the text will become semi-transparent, previous behavior left the text solid and only the fill became semi-transparent.

Image Stamps
Image stamp annotations will appear underneath any other annotation types regardless of the z-order. This is due to the fact that they are added to the content of the PDF and not as separate native PDF annotations.


The optimized PDF print is not applicable for the following

  • PDF documents with digital signatures.
  • PDF documents with password encryption and edit protection.
  • PDF Documents with any ruler or angle annotations.