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TechAhead Is Igniting A Revolution In Mobile App Development With IoT & Machine Learning

By Silver Hawak posted Fri June 18, 2021 06:45 AM


70 billion inter-connected devices via the Internet Of Things are generating 500 trillion gigabytes of data and creating $130 billion of business and millions of new jobs every year: IoT and Machine Learning are reshaping our digital world, and enabling newer systems and processes we never even imagined before.

The way gadgets, computers, and systems are communicating with one another via machine learning and creating stunning new platforms with the Internet of Things as the foundation, a new Digital world is being created right now.

TechAhead has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, and we are leading the charge with the Internet of Things and Machine Learning as well. We are igniting a new revolution in mobile app development via the Internet of Things and we are setting new benchmarks in product innovation and digital transformation, globally.

We will soon share how we are deploying the Internet of Things in mobile app development, but before that, let’s understand the relevance of IoT in developing and launching new mobile apps.

Why Internet Of Thing Matter In Mobile App Development

Let’s be sure about one fact: IoT is definitely smarter than the Internet, and IoT is the future of an interconnected, smart digital world. While we can only access information using the Internet, IoT seeps wisdom into the Internet, and makes machines and gadgets communicate with one another, filters the information, and sets the foundation of creating smart, interactive, and automated systems.

In this regard, mobile is the new, exciting medium that becomes the gateway for deploying and accessing incredible IoT based systems for empowering the users with more options, more choices, and more engagement.

Gone are the ways when most of the software or tools, or say games were standalone entities, without any connection or link with others. With IoT-enabled gadgets and machines, we are witnessing an interconnected digital world, where information sharing is the norm and automating smart decisions is the obvious outcome.

If we say IoT has changed the rules of mobile app development, then we won’t be totally wrong.

This Is How TechAhead Is Triggering a Revolution With IoT

TechAhead has been in existence for the last 11 years, and we have delivered 2000+ successful mobile apps and digital platforms using the most advanced technology stacks and stunning design philosophy.

There is a reason why brands like Disney, American Express, AXA, and others have chosen us for their digital and mobile transformation journeys.

And now, we are on the cusp of another revolution, with the Internet Of Things as the trigger in mobile app development.

Recently, award-winning lighting innovator company: Volatiles asked us to develop a mobile app that enabled their users to set unique lighting patterns on the walls. The user should have options on the mobile app to select lighting patterns, and with one click, that pattern should be visible on the wall.

We successfully developed and launched this mobile app, by deploying the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and state-of-the-art hardware, and the final output we delivered was stunning, to say the least.

With the Internet of Things and Machine Learning, the sky's the limit when it comes to possibilities within the mobile app development space. Using mobile as the gateway, we can make machines talk with another, connect digital and offline worlds and enable a unique digital ecosystem that can stun you with innovation and creativity.

If you are looking for a mobile app development company that has the expertise and experience of deploying the Internet of Things into mobile apps, then we at TechAhead would love to talk with you.

Together, we can create a new history in this space.