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A Golden Opportunity for Business Partners

By ROB GEIER posted Tue August 09, 2022 02:23 PM


watsonx Orchestrate represents something very new in the marketplace: a solution that enables the creation of digital employees to reduce the highly repetitive, mundane work for line of business employees at your clients. It could be a significant game-changer for IBM Business Partners who learn how to work with it. Consider this your invitation to get familiar with the solution and join our partner ecosystem.

By way of example, IBM HR recently deployed a pre-release version of watsonx Orchestrate in 2Q22 for the annual employee promotions process and saw some very impressive results, most notably an increase in their employee satisfaction.  However, by deploying a watsonx Orchestrate digital employee, named HiRo, they were also able to reduce this difficult process for 384 employees and 1,826 managers and coaches from 10 weeks to 6 weeks, and Human Resource professional FTEs supporting the process by 85%.

watsonx Orchestrate is simply a very timely new solution for today's challenging business environment.  We've seen unprecedented digitization of business processes with 10 years of digitization in under one year.   According to McKinsey & Company, from 2019-2020 business channels being replaced by digital grew from 16% to 34%.

We've also experienced growing complexity in the work environment.  According to IDC, 80% of organizations estimate they have up to 1000 applications in their portfolio today.

Add to this the growing attrition and skills gap. The Washington Post recently reported that 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August 2020 — about 2.9 percent of the workforce, a pandemic-era record.  And 1 in 3 workers are now considering leaving their job according to MagnifyMoney Report, 2021.

All of this serves to illustrate how the intelligent automation of highly repetitive and mundane business tasks can have enormous impact on business which watsonx Orchestrate facilitates with the advent of the digital employee.

If you would like to know more about watsonx Orchestrate and our partner ecosystem development plans, please review the information provided within this Community, and also feel free to reach out to me directly at .  You can also register to become an IBM watsonx Orchestrate business partner here: https://www.ibm.com/it-infrastructure/us-en/resources/campaignmail/mail/us-en/Watson_Orchestrate/