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Recent Browser Upgrades Cause Blank Pages in PDF files with IBM Daeja Virtual Viewer 5.0.5 or later

By RAMA LINGAM posted Thu August 19, 2021 09:16 PM

Blank pages show up in many PDF files when using IBM Daeja Virtual Viewer 5.0.5 or later and PDF files shows up once browser level is downgraded to earlier versions. 

PDF types could be simple PDFs, scanned PDFs, searchable PDFs, multi-content PDFs or any other type of PDF files.

You will see blank pages in many PDF files using IBM Daeja Virtual Viewer with the following browsers: Chrome 92, Firefox 91 and Edge Chromium 92. 

You can resolve this issue through updating your PDF libraries in IBM Daeja Virtual Viewer to 5.0.9 ifix5 or later. In addition, ensure that Client Side Rendering is enabled (clientPDFTileGeneration=true).