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Using IBM BAW with WDG Automation for automating daily tasks

By Raghav Gupta posted Fri October 16, 2020 04:38 PM


While there can be many use cases related to automating your daily mundane tasks, here is the demonstration of automating one mundane task of creating snapshots in BAW and uploading to GitHub as a backup.

Here we are performing taking daily backup of BAW process app snapshot by scheduling a WDG bot which basically creates a version number by doing date manipulation inside script. It then calls an API for creating snapshot by using the generated version number. After that it calls another API which exports the snapshot to local system and in last the snapshot is uploaded to appropriate GitHub repository.

The video below would give you an overview of the steps performed and how we can schedule a WDG bot.

The script can be found here if you want to use in your project -

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