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How to use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Chat-bot to get Expected Answer

By Piotr Kalandyk posted Fri April 30, 2021 07:23 AM


Recently most of our products have introduced chat-bot functionality to enable customer quick access to product’s knowledge which keeps enablement and support documents. The document base is huge, so we leverage Watson technology to help customers find interesting materials in quick manner in a form of human chat.
In this blog I want to provide an overview how to efficiently use chat-bot for License Metric Tool instead of opening either case or forum post.

Actually, when we start to talk to bot, we realize that getting solution is not so simply as we expected. Typically, we want quick solution. If not get it, we immediately drop our conversation asking for live agent finally.

I’ll show you how to form a valid question to get expected answer without waiting on live agent or opening support ticket.
To start chat-bot you must follow the link:

IBM License Metric Tool Community

.. and click the “Chat with Support” button

 Now you are ready for your conversation:


Let’s check out our question about recent LDAP issue.
We faced issue, that we cannot login into ILMT console using LDAP user after upgrade to ILMT 9.2.23 release.


Typically, you will ask:

Yesterday, we did server upgrade and now we've got problem to access LMT console. I need fix it since audit in the next week.


However, chat-bot will not provide the expected answer:

Please notice that too long question may fails because of the chat-bot logic. The question may match to several Intents groups and finally chat-bot will return the first 3 best answers but without our expected solution.


The correct question should be simple:

LDAP is not working

.. or include the problem keywords only:

LDAP 9.2.23 console

As you can see chat-bot has provided link to proper tech-note this time.


In the follow-up blogs series, more updates on valid questions, so stay tuned for updates!



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