Robotic Process Automation RPA

Use Case: How did Deloitte use automation to accelerate the preparation of key management reports?

By Paula Williams posted Mon August 16, 2021 07:00 AM


Deloitte is one of the world's leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services providers.  In Brazil, it has over 5,500 professionals in 12 different offices. To oversee operations, Deloitte’s 190 partners rely on comprehensive management reports. The reports provide partners with financial and operational information to make business decisions and develop growth strategies.

For years, preparing management reports required significant staff resources (assigned employees and hours devoted to each project). Employees manually entered information from multiple systems into over 200 Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and produced each report under rigorous deadlines. To ensure manual input errors were noticed and corrected, the Chief Financial Officer’s office spent additional time reviewing reports before delivering them to the partners.

In addition to management reporting, other essential reporting tasks required large commitments of time and repetitive effort, including accounts receivable reports. Since Deloitte was becoming increasingly involved in IT consulting and working on digital transformation projects for its clients, it began looking for opportunities to use advanced software tools for internal operations.

Deloitte turned to IBM's Robotic Process Automation software to streamline report production. Now it can produce a range of reports in a matter of minutes instead of days and reduce errors stemming from manual entry. Professionals freed from repetitive reporting tasks now have more time to serve clients and work on value-added assignments. Read the full story here to learn about the other benefits that Deloitte realized with RPA including travel expenses.