Robotic Process Automation RPA

Credigy Use Case: Intelligent automation for consumer finance solutions

By Paula Williams posted Fri August 13, 2021 08:00 AM


Credigy’s pioneering approach to specialty finance has led to a multiyear, double-digit compounded annual growth rate. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company helps its partners navigate complex markets and help accelerate growth with comprehensive and creative solutions. 

As the company looked for ways to support its growth, they considered robotic process automation (RPA). They needed a solution that could carve out more time for analysts, strategists, statisticians, and other professionals to focus on innovative, high-value work for its clients. They recognized that they had a lot of ‘automatable’ processes. 

Using IBM Robotic Process Automation software, Credigy the first year of deployment, automated over 25 processes, such as due diligence and invoice processing, with RPA robots. From creating automated initial responses to emails requesting customer service to cost savings with error reduction, the company’s RPA uses seem boundless. In fact, within the next two years, the company plans to deploy hundreds of RPA robots and grow to 100% process automation. They are also exploring process mining technology to define and document priority business processes. But, can you guess what percentage compounded growth rate Credigy grew its business by automating repetitive tasks? Was it 10, 15, or 20%? Find out if you were correct by reading the complete use case story here