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DMN Beyond the Basics Hands on Lab

By NIGEL CROWTHER posted Wed May 10, 2023 07:39 AM


Topic: DMN Beyond the Basics Hands on Lab
9:30-12:30 CET on May 24th

In this half-day event, you go beyond DMN basics and learn real world techniques to build scalable and robust decision services in several hands-on exercises. Topics include patterns to handle large decisions, FEEL and selecting hit policies.

DMN (Decision Model and Notation) is a modeling language and notation for the precise specification of business decisions and business rules. DMN is easily readable by the different types of people involved in decision management.

This session requires base knowledge of DMN and base familiarity of KIE Sandbox or a similar DMN modelling tool. If you have no such experience yet, you should work through Chapter 1 of this lab guide before you join this advanced session.

More details and registration link here: