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Begin your CM8 modernization journey using Content Navigator in a container

By Neil Parrott posted Tue October 06, 2020 08:11 PM

It's not news that IBM Content Navigator (ICN) provides a modern, unified user experience for IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition (CMEE/CM8) and a range of other IBM Digital Business Automation products. After all, ICN has been IBM's strategic user experience, designed to simplify access to multiple content management repositories, for over eight years now.  What is news however, are some recent cool capabilities delivered in June 2020, to make ICN 3.0.8 more compelling than ever for CM8 clients.  The most significant news is that you can now run IBM Content Navigator in a container to access CM8. Benefits that containerization brings to the table include faster installs and updates, elastic scaling with Kubernetes, standardization, portability, and easier automation, which results in improved scalability, resiliency and manageability. 
In addition to containerization,  Content Navigator provides a wide range of usability and administrative enhancements for CM8. 

Usability enhancements
Scrolling and paging
Improved scrolling and paging make it easier to work with large and complex documents. A new pagination bar at the bottom of the content list enables you to:
  • See the total number of items, when known
  • See the total number of items selected
  • Select a page of items
  • Deselect all items
  • Navigate between pages

Worklists have been reorganized into two groups, 'system assigned' worklists and 'user selected' work lists. This provides easier end user navigation and addresses a prior usability gap with the earlier pClient.  

MO:DCA overlays
Mixed Object:Document Content Architecture (MO:DCA) overlays ensure users see MO:DCA  forms graphics, layouts and other document overlay information when using the AJAX, HTML or PDF conversion viewers. Overlays also work for thumbnails and previews.  For information see What's new in IBM Content Navigator 3.0.8.

Web based administration enhancements
Web based CM8 administration now has the breadth and depth of functionality to handle day-to-day administrative tasks like authentication and authorization capabilities for all users, groups and permissions. You can also import LDAP users. Data modelling is also now available.  

Virtual viewer desktop customization
The Virtual viewer can now be customized at the desktop level for groups of users and departments, all without having to set up new Content Navigator server instances. 

Document routing 
Document Routing previously available with the the pClient is now available in Navigator.  You can use the document routing workflow process to direct documents and folders from one user to another during the life cycle of a document.  Users with specific privileges, such as an administrator or team manager, can assign or change workflow roles in IBM Content NavigatorFind out more about these Document routing enhancements on Knowledge Center. 
You can find out more information about other administration enhancements here: