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Enhanced video streaming with FileNet Content Manager

By Neil Parrott posted Tue April 28, 2020 02:51 PM

When I began my hobby of repairing old motorcycles and cars, maintenance manuals were essential to be able to troubleshoot and fix problems. These days I frequently turn to YouTube to see how others have triumphed (and failed) when tackling the same task that I'm attempting.   

Organizations are also turning to video. According to a recent study, 85% of executives want to capitalize on video technologies. Applications range from online training and employee town hall meetings, to the use of video evidence to support claims processing, legal proceedings, facilities maintenance and customer engagement.   

IBM FileNet Content Manager Connector for Enterprise Video Streaming provides a fresh approach for managing video assets in FileNet Content Manager. It provides an optimized 'YouTube' like user experience, with granular enterprise grade security that organizations rely on for managing critical business content.   

Why stream video?
Video files can be very large. Treating them as regular files can result in a sub-optimal end user experience, with long delays waiting for a video to play, and additional delays when skipping forwards or backwards in the video. For example, say you want to watch a five minute video clip that starts at the twenty minute time-mark inside a forty minute video. At best, even with progressive file downloads, you must wait for the first twenty minutes of video file download before playback can start.  This is a waste of your time and precious network bandwidth. Streaming video offers a significantly improved experience. Video content is split into smaller chunks before being sent over the network.  This enables you to quickly play videos regardless of how large they are, and quickly skip to points of interest within the video without having to wait for large file downloads 

Or maybe you need to locate spoken words precisely within a video.  An option to automatically transcribe video dialogue enables closed caption search. Following the background video file upload from FileNet Content Manager to the Enterprise Video Streaming service, audio dialogue post-processing occurs and captions can be manually edited for accuracy. 

Special limited time offer
FileNet Content Manager customers can take advantage of Free Access for 90 Days to IBM Enterprise Video Streaming

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