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8 Differentiators of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation Platform

By MUKESH VERMA posted Mon October 10, 2022 11:10 AM



IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation is a business automation platform with pre-integrated automation technologies and low-code tools to help customers quickly develop modern applications that intelligently automate business operations at scale. It enables to design, build and run automation applications and services anywhere, on the cloud of your choice using containers on Kubernetes. 
In order to determine the differentiators, maintain a clear focus on the customer's perceptions. Sellers readily fall into a trap of "drinking their own bathwater" when deciding that what they are offering is unique. Relying on your brand as a differentiator is a common mistake in this area. While it is true that no one else can offer a solution with your logo on it, that alone does not constitute a benefit. Furthermore, your past performance may support your claim, but it is the people, processes, and tools applied to successful customer engagements that are the differentiators, not just the brand per se.

This article delves into the differentiators of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. These differentiators are the "Sweet Spots" that our customers need them, our competitors do not have them, and we have them all! 

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#1. Full E2E Business Automation Platform: IBM Cloud Pak for Automation provides market-leading workflow, decision, content, and data capture capabilities within a unified experience. Few years back IBM started to optimise these technologies such as BPM, ECM, Capture, Decision-Business Rules Management to build ONE SINGLE integrated platform. IBM CP4BA also features several Low-code, No-Code tools for most business automations

#2. Hybrid Cloud Strategy: A hybrid cloud includes Traditional IT and Public or Private Clouds or Both, that remain separate, but are bound together by technology for data and application portability. IBM CP4BA is built on Red Hat OpenShift enabling an open and managed hybrid cloud strategy 

#3. Pre-integrated: Capabilities that are mentioned in #1 are pre-integrated to accelerate innovation and efficiency to unlock immediate value and ROI

#4. Market Leading Platform:  IBM Cloud Pak for Automation provides and Core automation capabilities are recognised as market leading technologies by globally recognised research and analytic firms like Gartners, Forrester, and Nelson Hall and more - - all available from SINGLE integrated platform. market-leading workflow, decision, content, and data capture capabilities within a unified experience
#5. Flexible Licensing:
IBM has made the licensing easier and provides 3 Flexible Licensing Options:
  • IBM CP4BA Platform - One license gives entitlement to both certified containers and traditional on-prem - this includes fully supported Redhat OCP.
  • On-Premises - Individual Modules - the traditional on-premise components are available to license separately
  • DBA on Cloud CP4BA on SaaS - we also offer SaaS versions of our components in DBA on Cloud
#6. AI-automation Ready: IBM’s pretty much all of the newer offerings have AI infused into it that reduces good amounts of work for knowledge/ workers. Also, augment your existing automation services with AI through built in integration and connectors
#7. Portability-Deploy Anywhere: Runs on Red Hat OpenShift, so you can build once and deploy anywhere. This is IBM’s flagship automation offering which can be deployed Anywhere, Anytime, HybridCloud, Any CNCF certified cloud like Google, Azure, or setup your own data centres

#8. Containerised S/W on Redhat:
IBM CP4A is containerised, allowing you to deploy the automation platform on any Kubernetes cloud environment.  It is certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift and supported on RHOS

IBM has Decades of experience - So, customers
buy with confidence knowing that IBM has helped thousands of clients achieve improved business performance. Twenty-five of the top 25 banks in the world, 25 of the top 25 insurance companies in the world and 22 out of the top 25 healthcare companies in the world have chosen IBM Business Automation.So there you go - this concludes the IBM differentiators for CP4BA with many feature and benefits!

Please connect with IBM Ecosystem Engineering - GSI Labs Business Automation Squad for proof-points and any specific engagements. Or reach-out to me for any queries. We will see how best we can help.

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