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New: Standalone Business Automation Insights 23.0.2

By Melia Weeks posted Fri December 15, 2023 06:00 AM


Previously an integral part of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, Business Automation Insights (BAI) 23.0.2 is now a separately licensed, stand-alone solution. The standalone product features the same robust features and capabilities that infused the Cloud Pak for Business Automation with operational insights, now available for more customers.

Business Automation Insights empowers operational teams with actionable insights, aids leaders in root cause analysis and predictive ROI simulations, and is a valuable operational data source for data scientists. Gain a deeper understanding of business operations with customizable dashboards and a high-quality operational data lake.

Who can benefit? Customers seeking to utilize BAI on Red Hat OpenShift with IBM Business Automation Workflow can benefit from this initial release. Other Business Automation clients should stay tuned for announcements of additional support.

In addition to becoming a new product BAI 23.0.2 also comes with the following capability improvements:

  • Build more comprehensive dashboards

    • Simplified creation of drill-downs*

      •  introduced the possibility of mixing chart types in the same drill-down

    • User interface to support duration formatting

  • Business Users want to be alerted on critical events in a more flexible fashion and more ways

    • Ability to trigger alerts when no user session is open

    • Ability to consume alerts from a predefined Kafka topic for forwarding to other applications

      • Forwarding to Slack or to email is now available as samples, not for direct use

BAI will maintain parity in capabilities across CP4BA and standalone releases. Technical support will be available for at least two years from the planned availability date, as long as your Subscription and Support are in effect.

*A drill-down is a multi-layer chart that allows you to explore a data set, by navigating up and down into nested layers, each layer being defined by a data field.

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