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Best Practices: Customer Journey Mapping with Blueworks Live

By Mark Ketteman posted Tue May 25, 2021 05:58 AM



A Customer Journey Map is a visualisation of a customer’s experiences with a company. It shows the touchpoints, experiences and emotions as the customer interacts with the business. A Journey Map provides a clear representation that can help to provide a better understanding of customer expectations.

The Journey Map provides a chronological narrative of the stages and steps that a customer needs to pass through in order to achieve his or her objectives. As well as the customer’s experience the Journey Map captures their emotions and expectations.

The Journey Map can be used to discover business challenges and opportunities as they relate to the customer’s interaction with the business.

Customer Journey Map Visualisation

The look of a Journey Map is specific to the organisation, there is no standard way of drawing a diagram. Some are very graphical, others use text, most use a combination. Blueworks Live does not have a Customer Journey Map diagram. But, Blueworks Live has all the capability needed to collate and hold the information needed for a Journey Map. There are numerous examples of Customer Journey Map visualisations available on the Internet.

Building an Outline for a Customer Journey Map in Blueworks Live

A Discovery Map is ideal for holding the basic Stages and Steps in a Customer Journey.

Create a Discovery Map for your Customer Journey and document the Stages of the Journey as Milestones and the Steps in the Journey as Activities.

Figure 1: Wealth Management Customer Journey Map outline as a Blueworks Live Discovery Map

Customer Journey Map Information Model for Blueworks Live

Some of the information typically used to build a Customer Journey Map can be found in the default Blueworks Live properties. Where Blueworks Live does not have existing fields, a few custom properties can provide the extra information that is required.

Most of the information would be entered against the Journey Map Stages (Milestones in Blueworks Live), but detail could also be added to Steps (Activities).

The table below provides a typical information model for a Journey Map and how it can be mapped to Blueworks Live. 

Journey Map Concept

Blueworks Live



Steps / Customer Activities

Activities (Performed by Customer)

Pain Points



Business Owners

Technology Systems


Who knows?


Operational Processes

Linked Processes on activities

Experience / Feeling

Custom Property (Excited / Neutral / Frustrated) or Use Colour for the Steps as shown in the sample above

Customer Goals / Thinking

Custom Property

Touchpoints / Using

Custom Property


Custom Property


Custom Property


Blueworks Live provides an ideal framework to hold all of the information for a Customer Journey Map. Having a central repository for this information provides structure and governance. This data can then be used to produce visually appealing diagrams that meet with a business’s unique communication style.