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KieServer and PostgreSQL - IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions

By Marco Antonioni posted Mon January 02, 2023 06:36 AM

Installing a PostgreSQL database to support IBM BAM KieServer is a very simple operation.

In this post we will see how to install PostgreSQL, create a db instance and related schema for persistence of processes and then how to configure a datasource to support KieServer.

We will be using a RedHat 9.x linux environment.

Once IBM BAM OE is installed (see "One shot installation of IBM Business Automation Manager Open Editions on your laptop" link let's install the PostgreSQL package.

All the operations necessary to carry out a basic installation are detailed at

To start, let's create a database instance complete with schema and tables for KieServer, 'Install PostgreSQL in RH9' (

Finally we set the necessary configurations for jdbc driver, datasource and connection pool in the section 'Configure PostgreSQL and JBoss EAP datasource for IBM BAM OE KieServer' (