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Introducing IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition

By Lori Brown posted Fri July 29, 2022 08:00 AM


We recently announced some exciting new additions to the IBM workflow community. IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition, formerly available as Red Hat Process Automation Manager, is now part of the IBM Business Automation portfolio.  

Process Automation Manager is fully open source, using code from the jBPM project, and provides a cost-effective solution for Java developers who want control and flexibility to author, test, deploy, and monitor custom BPMN2-based processes and CMMN-based case management solutions for departmental use. Developers can use their own IDE such as VSCode and familiar tools such as Git and Maven, and will find the offering easy to fit into IT infrastructure and existing administration practices.

Process Automation Manager also includes decision management capabilities from the DROOLS open source project as well as Kogito-based serverless management. (Note: for organizations that are solely focused on decision management, these capabilities are available as IBM Decision Manager Open Edition).

This standalone offering complements our existing workflow offerings:

  • Business Automation Workflow, which recently released Version 22.0.1, is enterprise-grade workflow management software to automate and optimize all kinds of work. It provides low-code tooling for business users to build workflows supporting both process-centric and case-centric work patterns, supports both manual and automated tasks, and offers Business Automation Insights with a wide selection of analytical dashboards and metrics. It is available as part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation as well as a standalone offering and can be deployed and executed at scale on the platform of your choice.
  • Workflow Process Service, our lightweight, “fit-for-purpose” workflow offering, was also recently made available as Version 22.0.1. This robust, small-footprint business process management system helps users develop, test, and run workflow processes that orchestrate human tasks and services. It provides an authoring environment including pre-built scenarios and a runtime environment, each deployed as a single docker container. It provides the ability to get started quickly (5 steps in 10 minutes) and increase functionality as your needs grow. It is available as part of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation.


We are excited about this addition and the ability to address the needs of all types of organizations.


You can learn more about IBM Process Automation Manager Open Edition and IBM Decision Manager Open Edition at an upcoming webinar.  “What’s new in Workflow and Decisions: Open Editions” will be held on August 31, 2022 at 11:00am EDT. Register now and please join us there!