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Can AI and Mindfulness come together?

By Laurent de Clermont-Tonnerre posted Fri April 14, 2023 08:58 PM


Two of my favorite topics coming together @ Wisdom 2.0 in SFO at the end of this month: #AI  🤖 and #mindfulness  🧘‍♂️

Can those 2 topics potentially at odds come together? Really curious to hear where this goes between Jack Kornfield & Sam Altman!

Like any technology, #artificialntelligence  can both be of service to free humans from the oppression of #busywork so they can focus on #creativework (my whole career at ILOG and IBM!:), protect them from dangers, make life easier / more #sustainable  in general... but can also target the same humans to market / (over)stimulate them, be a tool for domination of population and destruction of our #environment ...

#Power with #wisdom  can be tremendous source of good, allowing to tackle the biggest challenges of our times, but without it, it can be quite dangerous, and accelerate some of the destructive trends we are trying/ought to protect ourselves and our environment against in this new millennial...

How to do we bring #mindfulness in technology at #design  / implementation / run times? How can we make "#Consciousness and #Awareness by Design" (CAbD:) a norm in #hightech?

Big questions that may well define our #future as individuals and a global community, as well as that our planet (quite tied to ours:), something I am confident #IBM can be drive for, knowing how big & growing is the Mindfuless@IBM community is and how it has been at the forefront of many societal progress since I have joined the family some 14 years ago already!

Check out here for more details about the Wisdom 2.0 in SFO at the end of the month (virtual option available!)

In meantime, I would love to hear you ideas, questions, worries, solutions... we all need to wonder and contribute to that conversation!

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